Veterans & Franchising

Veterans Have What it Takes

Transitioning back into the civilian job market doesn’t need to be as difficult as it might seem.  On the surface it may be seem hard to align your military job training with current job descriptions, but don’t overlook the most important training you received; managing and working with people.

It’s a proven fact; Veterans tend to be successful franchise owners because they enter into the business world with the traits necessary to succeed: Leadership, hard work and dedication and the ability to follow systems and produces.


Sparkle Wash Welcomes Our Veterans

You’ve taken care of our Country. Now let’s take care of you. As an American company, we fully support our American men and women in uniform. We’ve also found that your dedication, ability and drive make you highly successful entrepreneurs. Many of our most successful franchisees are former military personnel. They’ve taken their training and focus and applied it to making their businesses flourish.

The Sparkle Wash team recognizes these challenges you may have faced transitioning your military training into practical business skills, marketing your new business and funding the start-up costs. That’s why we worked with current veteran-owned franchises to develop the Sparkle Wash MILITARY TRANSITION PROGRAM.

Additional Military Transition Program

The Sparkle Wash Military Transition Program goes well beyond a VETERAN DISCOUNT. We focus on areas you may need additional training to ensure a successful business operation. In addition to our Franchisee Training Program, the Sparkle Wash Military Transition Program includes these additional benefits:

  • Vet FRAN $5,000 franchise fee discount
  • Additional training session focused on business fundamentals
  • Cash flow management assistance
  • Business coaching and accounting methodologies
  • Managing work schedule and labor costs
  • “Veteran-Owned and Operated” call-out on marketing materials, website and truck
  • Corporate-funded continuing education for QuickBooks™ accounting software
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