How Much Does A Franchise Cost?

An Investment in Your Future

“How much does it cost to start a Sparkle Wash franchise?” is understandably one of the first question we hear from prospective franchise owners. It’s important for any investor to understand the real costs to get a business up and running. Sparkle Wash prides its self on disclosing all the costs upfront, thus giving you the tools you need to make an educated decision. The advantage to owning and operating a mobile business is the LOW COST of entry.  Let’s review your investment.

Estimated Cost to Own a Sparkle Wash Pressure Washing Business

We feel it is important to partner with the very best of potential franchise owners. As a result, Sparkle Wash has an absolute commitment to transparency to insure the best possible franchise match. Below you will find a summary of the estimated initial investment associated with launching a typical Sparkle Wash business.*

Expenditure DescriptionEstimated Amount
Initial Franchise Fee$20,000 - $75,000
Vehicle & Equipment$15,000-$20,000
Grand Opening Advertising$5,100 - $9,000
Training Travel Expense$500 - $1,000
Real Estate$0
Opening Inventory$0 (included in franchise fee)
Misc. Opening Costs$0
Additional Funds*$10.000 - $15,000
Total Investment:$52,100 - $121,500

*First 3 months of operations. Complete data contained in Item 7 of the FDD.


Other Considerations

Should you elect to rent or own a building to house your new Sparkle Wash franchise business, consideration of local real estate costs is appropriate. The Sparkle Wash business model is HIGHLY SCALABLE. Therefore, initially employees are optional. However, as your business and revenues grow, wage cost should be forecast into your financial forecasting.

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