How Much Money Can I Make?

The Payoff

It’s no surprise, that the second question we hear from prospective Sparkle Wash franchise owners is “How much money can I make?”. It’s been proven time and time again, our unique business model allows the franchise owner to grow as fast as they want. For example, our larger franchisees operate as many as 7 to 15 mobile units. Because Sparkle Wash gives you the expertise to pressure wash across commercial, residential, fleet, construction and industrial markets, you can be profitable year-round and regardless of economic or seasonal conditions.


Financial Performance

Providing commercial, residential, fleet, construction and industrial services gives Sparkle Wash franchise owners maximum revenue potential year-round and in any economic condition.

As a regulated industry, the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule permits a franchisor to provide the actual financial performance of franchised owned outlets. The table below is summary information as set forth in Item 19 of the Sparkle Wash Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and represents franchise outlets open and operated a full 12 months during the 2019 calendar year: *

Franchise RankingsAverage Sales Per RankingNumber Exceeding Average RevenueTerritories Per RankingTotal TrucksAverage Revenue Per Truck
Top 10% (4)$1,864,00121335$213,029
Top 20% (8)$1,143,94121747$194,713
Top 30% (12)$866,83822257$182,492
Top 40% (16)$707,71932765$174,208

The average full-time Sparkle Wash franchise owner spent 48.71% on EXPENSES, as a percentage of sales, during the 2019 calendar year.  This represents 51.29% PROFIT* on sales can be retained by our franchisees.

*Profit percentage does not include employee wages.

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The Sparkle Wash Executive Summary

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