How Much Money Can I Make?

The Payoff

It’s no surprise, that the second question we hear from prospective Sparkle Wash franchise owners is “How much money can I make?”. It’s been proven time and time again, our unique business model allows the franchise owner to grow as fast as they want. For example, our larger franchisees operate as many as 7 to 15 mobile units. Because Sparkle Wash gives you the expertise to pressure wash across commercial, residential, fleet, construction and industrial markets, you can be profitable year-round and regardless of economic or seasonal conditions.


Financial Performance

Providing commercial, residential, fleet, construction and industrial services gives Sparkle Wash franchise owners maximum revenue potential year-round and in any economic condition.

As a regulated industry, the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule permits a franchisor to provide the actual financial performance of franchised and/or franchisor owned outlets. The table below is summary information as set forth in Item 19 of the Sparkle Wash Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and represents franchise outlets open and operated a full 12 months during the 2016 calendar year: *

Franchise RankingsAverage Sales Per RankingNumber Exceeding Average RevenueTerritories Per RankingTotal TrucksAverage Revenue Per Truck
Top 10% (4)$1,555,85421235$177,812
Top 20% (8)$994,13521844$180,752
Top 30% (12)$766,77222354$170,394
Top 40% (16)$634,86322861$166,521

The average full-time Sparkle Wash franchise owner spent 50.31% on EXPENSES, as a percentage of sales, during the 2016 calendar year.  This represents 49.69% PROFIT* on sales can be retained by our franchisees.

*Does not include employee wages.


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The Sparkle Wash Executive Summary

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