Frequently Asked Questions

A: A typical Sparkle Wash franchise including a custom van costs an average of $105,000. You will need $55,000 in liquid assets and a $100,000 net worth to get started. A full table of investment costs can be found here.
A: The franchise industry continues to see steady growth. In fact, according to the International Franchise Association, franchise businesses are set to outpace the overall American economy in 2019. This is great news for people like you who want to own a business that’s backed by a proven successful business plan.
A: Yes, cleaning industry services are seeing a surge in demand. Experts identify it as a growth industry with the combined commercial and residential cleaning industry segments at an estimated 51 billion dollars. Sparkle Wash provides its power wash franchisees with training to provide pressure washing, restoration, sealing and staining services across several market segments including commercial, residential, fleet, construction and industrial. There is a tremendous upside to the pressure washing business.
A: Thanks to our 50+ years of franchising experience and a proven business model, owning a Sparkle Wash franchise business sets you up for success. We are the only mobile pressure washing franchise with a unique and proven market strategy that allows you to be profitable regardless of economic or seasonal conditions. We support you on many levels, including financing, marketing, business planning, operations, and technical skills.
A: Not necessarily. While previous business experience is helpful, successful pressure wash franchisees come from many walks of life. Sparkle Wash provides training centered around your skill set. Whether you need help on the business side or the technical side, we will be here to assist. You’ll also have additional support through our Intranet, which gives you 24/7 access to network with successful Sparkle Wash franchisees. Keep in mind that your business can also evolve. For example, Owner Operators may start out both managing the business and performing the work. And once they have learned the business from the ground up they are better prepared to decide on growing the business by adding more trucks and/or territories. Whatever your ambitions, we will work to help you succeed.
A: The Sparkle Wash consumer website ( is designed to generate leads. And, as a Sparkle Wash Franchisee, you’ll receive a fully optimized and customized website based on your territory. Potential customers are encouraged to contact the Franchisee in their area. It could be you! We also provide a personalized marketing plan specifically for your market, based on geography and demographics.
A: The demand for pressure washing services is high for several reasons. One, there aren’t many professional businesses skilled in pressure washing: it’s often a side service offered by window or carpet cleaners. Two, because it’s a service that businesses and residences continually need, repeat customers can become the backbone of your business. Three, we have higher margins than other power wash franchise systems. Finally, for all of these reasons, it tends to be recession resistant. Everything that gets dirty needs to be cleaned.
A: Yes, which is one of its greatest benefits. Commercial pressure washing services, in particular, are needed year-round because businesses must always maintain a professional image and manage safety standards. Sparkle Wash serves multiple markets so we offer various revenue streams, which allows franchisees to perform work year-round.
A: Once the contract is signed, it will take about 6–8 weeks to build your equipment package and provide training.
A: Our territories are defined by population. We offer both exclusive and non-exclusive territories.
A: As a Sparkle Wash Owner, you’ll have opportunities to service these five major markets: residential, commercial, fleet, construction, and industrial. Here’s a sample list of what we do. For even more examples, check out our photo galleries here.

  • Commercial – retail plazas, apartment complexes, stadiums, restaurants, building exteriors, graffiti removal, awnings, signs, parking lots and more.
  • Transportation – fleet trucks, buses, vans, RVs, motorcycles, railroad cars, ships, boats, ports, marinas, bridges, tunnels, parking garages and more.
  • Residential – home exteriors, swimming pools, decks, hot tubs, grills, patio furniture, roofs, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, wood fences, awnings, screens and more.
  • Construction – paint preparation, stain removal, chemical stains, mortar tag removal, striping, ice removal and more.
  • Industrial – factory floors, roofs, tanks, towers, stacks, mold and mildew removal, algae buildup, rust stains, grease, oil, and more.
A: The more you grow, the more help you may need. Your business can vary anywhere from a single self-employed owner to a full staff of technicians. Sparkle Wash will help guide you based on your goals and area.
A: Yes. All that’s needed is a laptop and cell phone to start out. You will want to check on local zoning regulations and the rules of your homeowner’s association, if this applies. Many Sparkle Wash Franchisees do move to an offsite location as business grows. Your need for additional space also depends on how many trucks you decide to own. As always, we’ll work with you to help you meet your goals.
A: Taking the next step is easy. If you’d like a Sparkle Wash representative to contact you, please fill out this form to the right.

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